About ye22

That moment when you open yourself up, to feel cleansed and happy, in the midst of your busy day-to-day life. When the scents and pleasant sensations reach both the brain and heart. The founder of ye22 (ye vingt-deux) has worked in PR in the fashion industry, traveling between Japan and overseas, continuously drawing inspiration from various cities, cultures, art, and people met along the way. ye22 weaves a story of its own, comfortably moving forward in its path, without being swayed by others, trusting its own aesthetic sensibilities.

Our name
Ye, meaning you, comes from the Bible, and 22 (2022) is the year the ye22 brand was founded. It signifies living your own story from year 2022.

Our design
The designs are meant to be simple, minimalistic, beautiful, and inspiring, enabling the items to coexist with fashion and art, regardless of nationality, gender, or age.

Our purpose
We respect individual freedoms. We aim to be your partner in helping you live out your own story, your own life.

Our Made in Japan Parfum
Naturally blending with the body, our perfumes take the opposite approach to the traditional European perfumes. We believe that fragrances are personal and not for others. The moments of relaxation and happiness may differ for each person, but we believe that fragrances can help elicit those happy moments. A sensual element remains within the natural.

From Tokyo with love
Made from natural ingredients from the earth, our made-in-Japan products are launched from Tokyo. Our fragrances are to be shared between lovers.

Our goal is to be an environmentally conscious and transparent brand. The use of plastics is avoided as much as possible. We do not use petroleum-derived ingredients, animal-derived raw materials, synthetic colorants, or mineral oils that are harmful to the skin. Tamanu seed oil used in Parfum Shower is made from naturally fallen berries that are picked up and converted into cosmetic ingredients. Seawater glycerin is used to purify the water consumed during production so that it can be returned to the earth. The packaging bears the FSC forest certification label and the products are produced based on the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).